Friday, January 6, 2012

A Plea for Marjuana - Guess Who Created This ?


I support AB 507! Cancer Patients Need Treatment for Pain!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I write to ask you to sign AB 507 (Hayashi). This bill will remove the provision in the current law allowing the Department of Justice (DOJ) to require any person who has been prescribed a controlled substance to submit to a medical review.

The under treatment and, sometimes, lack of treatment of pain is a serious issue. Unrelieved pain is the second-leading cause of medically-related work absenteeism and causes over $61 billion in lost productivity annually, according to an estimate published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Cancer pain will be a problem in up to 60% or more of patients who are undergoing active treatment, more than 60% of patients with the advanced disease, and at least 30% of patients after treatment concludes.

Under existing law, people prescribed pain medicines, like cancer patients or people with chronic pain, can be treated like common criminals. Getting a prescription to control pain from a doctor is not illegal in and of itself. Just because a person is prescribed a drug that has the potential for abuse does not mean the patient is abusing it. The recent Institute of Medicine report on pain acknowledged that "the majority of people with pain use their prescription drugs properly [and] are not a source of misuse." The DOJ's potential involvement in screening people with prescriptions for pain contributes to the misperception that all people who are prescribed controlled substances are addicts and does nothing to solve the real problem of drug abuse.

This law contributes to an environment that discourages medical providers from participating in the legitimate medical intervention of pain and discourages people in pain from seeking the most appropriate treatment for it. When put together, it means too many people suffer unnecessarily.

On behalf of the millions of people in California who suffer from unrelieved pain, I ask that you please sign AB 507.

The National Cancer Society a branch of the American Cancer Society sponsered Hayashi to introduce this bill. It was chaptered , meaning it is now law. I wonder if the Cancer Society will post Hayashi's Bail for shoplifting or pay for her Brain Tumor Operation ?? What-dah-u-think......

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Research Team at "Not Sold in California"

{Background} In 2006, California adopted the California Global Warming Solutions Act, also known as AB 32. This Law created a comprehensive, long term plan for California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. Cool Paints ( meaning Temperature not "Far-out-man") was identified as an Early Action strategy, to be in place no later than January 1,2010. This strategy is based on measures to reduce the solar heat gain in a vehicle parked in the sun. A cooler interior would make drivers less likely to activate the air conditioner, which increases carbon dioxide emissions.

{ WTF } Two weeks later the Ding-Bat chairwoman of CARB. Demanded that all cars sold in California include reformulation of paint to reflect near-infrared sunlight, parked car ventilation, and solar reflective window glazing. Good Idea but.... Hello, McFly, Thump! Thump! Don't you think Detroit would like a little advance notice maybe..

Well after considerable personal research and observation as to why closed window and extended use of air conditioning is almost universal. It is determined that California Air Resources Board has got it all wrong by changing paint composition and glazing requirements. Our data shows that the most effective method for lowering use of Air Conditioning and Green House Gasses ( Carbon Dioxide Emissions ). Is Shortening the effective Length of Women's Hair.
Our research can be verified by simple observation when first getting into your car when with the wife, daughter, or girlfriend. You can make these simple observations yourself when you get into the vehicle lower the window next to the female passenger. Notice that within the next few seconds or upon vehicle movement the window will close automatically. There by necessitating use of the air conditioning system. However make sure to observe quietly and or in silence as severe consequences may result.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gim me a brake!

Well would you believe it.. I don't.

It is illegal to have or sell a CAN CRUSHER in Oregon, Iowa, or Michigan. No kidding this is real. The reason behind this I find Asinine. You see if you crush the can. The Bar Code is now unreadable by a machine. Well at the present nickel a can I'm really not interested in feeding them into a machine at a nickel a pop ( pun intended ). But if I crush it and save it to a 100 pound lot, the going price is $4.00 a pound for #1 aluminum. To get $4.00 from the machine thats 80 cans ( 22 minutes of feeding time ). Try weighting 80 cans you get a lot more than a pound. More like 2.2. So creating a market that makes recycling work is what its all about crushing cans is the way to save space and recycle. Makes sence to me. What about you?

Breaking the Law yes I'm a criminal .
I tried to use the cans for bail money. Because they caught me smuggling a crusher across the California border into Oregon. I told them I was a child of an illegal alien and since I had a free education and spoke perfect english even though I wasn't a citizen. They let me go if I promised to go back to California where I belong.
Just to get revenge I bought a gas can in Oregon and brought it back to the good old Bay Area. Now there after me for venting gasoline out of an Illegal can. I told the Bay Area Air Pollution Control District I don't use Leaded Gas any more so It was no longer a problem. They didn't like that ether. But I promised to use Biodiesel in my lawn mower and they let me sit on the group "W" bench.

If you want to make sense of this Green Thing make it EASY so I don't have to work so hard at it... KISS!

"Musings: Why are all the Government Agencies that deal with Climate Change, Air Quality, and Green Laws headed by Women!"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So they ( EPA ) took the Lead (tetra-ethel Lead) out of Gasoline.  To help clear the sky of Lead  and Gas Vapors.  At the same time  they decided to out law the ordinary gas can.  Well at least in California.  On the premise that to many gas vapors escape when one fills your car, lawn mower, chain saw, leaf blower, home generator  or whatever.  What they did not bargain for was the guaranteed  spillage from the new safety can.  Have you tried it. Well I did and sure enough spillage.  
 I'm as green as the next guy.  But come on.  I think the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is a bunch of Wacko's.  They sure didn't get the results they wanted.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is now buying  new old style cans in Nevada or using other means without safety spouts.  Ever see that pickup truck bombing along the freeway with six large plastic bottles of gas for the two bikes in the back.    

Just my view of things.....     Buck....