Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gim me a brake!

Well would you believe it.. I don't.

It is illegal to have or sell a CAN CRUSHER in Oregon, Iowa, or Michigan. No kidding this is real. The reason behind this I find Asinine. You see if you crush the can. The Bar Code is now unreadable by a machine. Well at the present nickel a can I'm really not interested in feeding them into a machine at a nickel a pop ( pun intended ). But if I crush it and save it to a 100 pound lot, the going price is $4.00 a pound for #1 aluminum. To get $4.00 from the machine thats 80 cans ( 22 minutes of feeding time ). Try weighting 80 cans you get a lot more than a pound. More like 2.2. So creating a market that makes recycling work is what its all about crushing cans is the way to save space and recycle. Makes sence to me. What about you?

Breaking the Law yes I'm a criminal .
I tried to use the cans for bail money. Because they caught me smuggling a crusher across the California border into Oregon. I told them I was a child of an illegal alien and since I had a free education and spoke perfect english even though I wasn't a citizen. They let me go if I promised to go back to California where I belong.
Just to get revenge I bought a gas can in Oregon and brought it back to the good old Bay Area. Now there after me for venting gasoline out of an Illegal can. I told the Bay Area Air Pollution Control District I don't use Leaded Gas any more so It was no longer a problem. They didn't like that ether. But I promised to use Biodiesel in my lawn mower and they let me sit on the group "W" bench.

If you want to make sense of this Green Thing make it EASY so I don't have to work so hard at it... KISS!

"Musings: Why are all the Government Agencies that deal with Climate Change, Air Quality, and Green Laws headed by Women!"